For Outdoorsman requirements, Webelos Scouts must go on at least one campout, either with their family, den, or a Boy Scout troop. 

For Arrow of Light requirements, Webelos Scouts must also go on a Webelos overnight campout or day hike, and at least one Boy Scout-oriented outdoor activity.

This page lists some opportunities to meet these requirements. Also check the Boy Scout Troop calendars for other outdoor opportunities with local troops (see our Links page).

 Camp  Date  Location  Cost
Webelos Woods  Sep./Oct. Gilbert Ranch, Scotts Mills  $
Dick's Woods (Troop 19)  Early Oct.  Private property, Salem  Free
Rendezvous (Troop 108)  Sep./Oct. Oxbow Bend, Springfield  $
Camporee  April Fishermen's Bend, Lyons  $